Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

Babylon 5 game pt.1

On the 3rd my brother and I decided to have a little 2 Raid level battle to keep us familiar with the rules for A Call To Arms.  I chose my Explorer class ship and a Hyperion against his 2 Centauri vessels.  This first picture shows how we squared off.  Mark could little have suspected that his ships were in for quite a surprise.  My Hyperion blasted away with its beam weapon and destroyed the ship on the left in the first volley.  It then drifted on as I pursued his other ship.  Without fighters or interceptors his fleet didn't last long.  I'm thinking that fighters are a must for any game as keeping them in base contact with your ships allows them to be counted as interceptors.

B5 fleet

This is my current Babylon 5 fleet for A Call To Arms.  It includes in the front 3 scratch-builds I made from leftover bits in my 40K stack.  I made a liner/cargo ship, a Deep Space Observation/Listening post ship and a pre-Babylon 5 space station.  No stats made for them yet, but hoping to use them in my brother's campaign he's writing.  The rest of my fleet equals out to be about 4 Battle points (less the fighters I still need).  

The problem of course is that they will stop production in June and so I need to get what I can with what little money I have.... ugh, to be rich!

New Blog

Been working on getting my numerous wargaming armies going and by posting on a blog I hope to spur interest in getting them done.  We'll See About That!