Thursday, July 30, 2009

Battle Report! B5 clash!

So Dave and I decided to have a friendly B5 game since during the summer I also have off during the day. I didn't realize it would be a 12 battle level free-for-all cage match in hell!!!!

Dave wanted to play all his fleet and I wanted to play just a few but it was so tempting to field everything so I went for it. The fleet was arranged in more or less 3 sections as can be seen in the first picture. On the left front (second picture) I had 3 raid level up against 3 battle points (boy was I thinking) and it as you might expect would eventually end up with the massacre of my ships.

On the right front it was my Victory, Marathon, Warlock and one of my Omegas up against the Mothership, a cruiser and the numerous ships disgourged from the mothership (it's soooo fraking huge!). The Victory and the Omega would eventually get it (third picture) but the Mothership and cruiser wouldn't last but 1 turn more. What's sad is the Victory got one shot of it's lightning cannon and that was really about it. And it was a pathetic dice roll too.

In the center mele an Omega, Delphi and 4 Chronos frigates went up against his carrier and it's contents (fourth picture). The Chronos frigates were the stars here as they acted in Squadron formation and were doing pretty good in AD.

In the end Dave had to call it quits and head on home so we counted up the dead and I won by like 1 battle point! (7 to 6). The end of the field viewed in the last picture shows how it was when we left. If the game had gone 1 more turn it would've been a decisive win for Dave so I lucked out.

In retrospect I learned many lessons:
1. Learn the rules better. nuff said.
2. don't pit small ships up against big ships unless I really don't expect them to do anything other than hold off the enemy.
3. AD. AD. AD. The more you roll, the better the odds of scoring a critical. And with the Drakh it's all about critical hits.
4. Don't use the lightning cannon on the Victory unless you have plenty of room to drift the next turn. (ie: don't do it if you're surrounded)
5. fighters are good... use them.
6. Gravitic Energy Grid is the Devil!!!

We plan on fighting again next wednesday. An 8 battle point scenario from the rulebook called "Carrier Clash". Should be interesting. More next week.

Updated: B5 Earth Force!

Here's my Earth Alliance Fleet (with a couple of ISA allies) finished (except for fighters) and ready for play. Not likely to get any more ships since they discontinued the line and my economy being what it is, but still it's 12 battle points so I'm pretty content with it.

The fleet includes:
1 Victory class destroyer
1 Warlock class destroyer
1 Marathon class advanced cruiser
2 Omega class destroyers
1 White Star
1 Hyperion class cruiser
1 Explorer class ship
1 Delphi class scout
4 Chronos class frigates
and the fighters seen (I'm still 5 stands of auroras short!!!)