Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Painting update

So since summer is here I have a lot of free time and thus I've started painting up my Imperial Guard finally (especially since I have the new codex).  In the pictures you'll see the vehicles with the masked city rubble paint scheme I was going for (still needs lots of work). I also broke the leg of one of my sentinels and am not happy about that.  My entire guard force is now base coated... let the monotony of painting hordes commence!

I also picked up the Catachan Command squad and boy did I make use of that!  Although it only came with 5 bodies it has tons of arms and what-not and I needed those.  I was able to affect over 8 minis!  It was great.  

I also discovered that the Krylon Camo Flat Black really isn't black.  More like dark brown.  But it does go on very nice!