Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Imperial Guard (updated forces)

I think out of all my forces over the last year, the Imperial Guard have changed the most. Partly due to the wonderful birthday gift of a Valkyrie from my brother, but also finding an older 20 man box of catachans at a local hobby store, I've changed it to a more unified looking army.

Right now the Valk has only been base coated and the new guard haven't even gotten that far, but as it stands I now have 2x 3 squad platoons of catachans plus a mortar squad, missile launcher squad and a melta squad.

Wow, that's a lot of catachans to paint.

I'll post a pic either later today or tomorrow of some of my more "finished" units--which ain't much. I think the lesson of getting your troops together before painting them was a failed ploy. Better to do it in small bites.

Either way, here's a grand list of everything I have for the IG (its a long list):

@2900 pts


company hq

(medic, vox, standard, sniper, Chimera)


Master of Ordinance

Officer of the fleet

Primaris Psyker

Lord Commissar

Special Characters:

Lord Creed

Color Sgt. Kell

Colonel Straken


Stormtrooper squad

(10 troopers, melta, plasma gun, Valkyrie Assault Carrier)

Guardsman Marbo


5x commissars

1st Platoon (Catachan)

Platoon HQ

(plasma pistol + powerfist, vox, sniper, medic, standard)

1st squad

(vox, grenade launcher, hvy bolter)

2nd squad

(vox, plasma gun, lascannon)

3rd squad

(vox, flamer, autocannon)

2nd Platoon (Catachan)

Platoon HQ

(bolt pistol + powerfist, vox, medic, standard, sniper)

4th squad

(vox, plasma gun, lascannon)

5th squad

(vox, grenade launcher, lascannon)

6th squad

(vox, flamer, autocannon)

Special Weapons squad

(melta guns)

Heavy Weapons squad

(missile launchers)

Heavy Weapons squad


3rd Platoon (Valhallan)

Platoon HQ

(plasma pistol, vox, melta, las cannon team)

7th squad

(bolt pistol, vox, flamer, hvy bolter)

8th squad

(vox, grenade launcher, auto cannon)

Veteran squad 1

(vox, plasma gun, melta, hvy flamer, demo charge, chimera)

Veteran squad 2

(vox, grenade launcher, melta, hvy flamer, demo charge, chimera)


Armored Sentinel Squadron

(lascannon, plasma cannon, hvy flamer)

Scout Sentinel Squadron

(autocannon, multi-laser, hvy flamer)


Leman Russ Battletank

(battlecannon, lascannon, hvy bolter sponsons)

Leman Russ Demolisher

(demolisher, lascannon, multi-melta sponsons)

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