Friday, September 17, 2010

See told ya...

New update is here. No pics though although I'm gonna work on it. In the last year I've made many changes to my lists for all my armies and will be updating each in the next week.

To be honest this year was a bad year for me when it comes to wargaming. Barely played anything. Been too busy with work. My fault. But my wife and I are trying hard to get out of debt so I'm working as much as possible.

I'm hoping to get gaming more and next week is a biggie. At Gajo games in Sandy, UT there's going to be a game for Flames of War with the Bridge Too Far armies. My British Airborne are gonna get a workout. I'm gonna take pictures so I'll have a small battle report. But its going to be a game stretched out over several tables with about 15-20 players so it'll just be about my part.

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